Dot and Bill Ballew  from Johnson City, TN writes,

We want to let you know how pleased we are with the Rinnai hot water system you installed for us. I have enclosed in the attachment a picture of the unit. We are impressed with the compactness of the unit. It beats the old water heater we had. To be honest we were concerned with the cost, but we have found our electric bills have been reduced and even our gas bill is certainly reasonable. The best part of the unit is the convenience and quickness to get a continuous supply of hot water when we need it. It does not take any longer to get the hot water then our old water heater. From the picture it is easy to see that it takes very little room on a wall. Thanks for your advice and the great job you did for us.Best regards, –Dot and Bill Ballew –Johnson City, TN

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Nance of Bulls Gap, TN writes,

Our water was undrinkable—it smelled like rotten eggs. After Unionjack Plumbing explained it to us we realized it was actually sulfur in our water. They customized a system specifically for our needs we then had them install a water treatment system. They were fast, thorough and efficient— they even cleaned up after the job, which was an unexpected benefit. Thanks, Unionjack plumbing we now love our water. We would highly recommend them to anyone.” —Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Nance –Bulls Gap, TN

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Austwick of Flagpond, TN writes,

“I had been suffering with medical problems for many years which required me to purify water on a daily basis. It took up about 2 hours a day which I really could not spare. My wife heard about Karl at Unionjack plumbing. He explained about a water treatment system and how Unionjack plumbing could customize it specifically for my needs. We had it installed and have never looked back. Thanks Karl for giving me back my valuable time and terrific tasting water which even my neighbors noticed.” —Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Austwick—Flagpond, TN

Jon Brooks of Kingsport, TN writes,

“Early in 2010, I had a need to tear out my whole bathroom in an older house. I called Union Jack Plumbing to assist with the re-plumb. This is a small house built in the 40’s. There is a crawl space dug out into a basement. I advised Karl that I needed to have the Bathroom re-plumbed. He said that was no problem. After he came over to assess the situation he suggested that we may want to re-plumb the whole house with a better piping that would not shatter if it happen to freeze. He said that if you were going to spend money to re-plumb the bathroom why not do the whole house right, as it’s not much more to do this. After he pointed out that who-ever plumbed the house before did a really poor job doing it. I’m not a plumber but after looking at what he was showing me I agreed that it was done very poorly. Then he also advised that I may want to go with a new water heater as well. After thinking that everything should be new going in, I agreed that this is what I want to do. Karl also offered me to do this in steps as I couldn’t have this done all at one time because of trying to work and trying to remodel a house at the same time. He was very flexible with the whole situation of this taking a little more time than usual. He was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. He has called after the installation just to check to see if everything is going well. I certainly recommend him to as many people as I can who needs a great plumber.” Jon Brooks – Kingsport, TN

2013 ” I wanted to add to my previous testimonial. In addition to Karl and the Union Jack Plumbing crew helping with my house in west Kingsport, My wife and I have now bought a newer residence. I called on Karl to help with some issues at that location. The previous house is now a rental to which Union Jack plumbing is my contract plumber when there is a need at that location.
We have decided to embrace energy efficiency with the newer home and wanted to include solar as well as a tankless hater heater. Union Jack provided the Rinnai tankless water heater. The old electric water heater i snow a back up as it was not in condition to remove. In the process there were some additional issues in the basement with the prior piping. So I decided to re-plumb the pipes with the newer Pex pipes. The job is very neat and organized with some thought as to where the pipes should go. I also have had Karl install 2 newer toilets, as well as a stainless washroom sink for the basement. These additions have propelled us in saving money through out the year as well as being very convenient with instant hot water. We are very pleased with the system and would recommend it to anyone with a newer home or just looking to upgrade.”
Jon Brooks – Kingsport, TN

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